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Dinner, June 2, 2011
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When our BFFs picked Sienna Restaurant to celebrate their birthday dinners, I knew I had to write my first ever restaurant review on this place.  This California-fusion restaurant is located in the charming La Borgata center of El Dorado Hills. Just walking towards Sienna and seeing the patrons gathered outside their patio by an outdoor fireplace, you get the sense that you’re in for a wonderful evening. When you enter the restaurant you are greeted by a beautiful and upscale interior: high ceilings and unique light fixtures all wrapped up in warm and inviting earth tones. While waiting for our table we sat on a couch by the bar and caught the tail end of happy hour. NB and I ordered Blueberry Lemon Drops, which I very quickly decided is now my new favorite drink. The blueberries and blueberry liqueur perfectly complemented the tartness of the lemon drop.

For appetizers we chose the Dungeness Crab Wontons and the Wild Mushroom Bruschetta. The wontons came with a pineapple marmalade dipping sauce, and was not particularly spectacular, although NB noted that there was a decent amount of real crab in them, which is always a good thing. The bruschetta was described in the menu as: grilled sourdough, melted goat cheese, leeks and balsamic reduction. They were crunchy and delicious, although we didn’t really taste nor see the goat cheese, which was a bit of a disappointment.

For my second drink I chose the Sparkling Strawberry Cocktail. It was a bit boring compared to Blueberry Lemon Drop, but it definitely served its purpose and I was getting a nice buzz right before the entrees were served.

So this is the part where I have to think really hard to critique the food (note to self: it is much easier to review a restaurant when you’re sober).  For my main entree I ordered the Seared Scallop Risotto simply because I love scallops and I love risotto.  The risotto had fresh corn, smoked bacon, wild mushrooms and was finished with a truffle demi.  The scallops were cooked perfectly and the risotto had all the right flavor profiles. Maybe a little too al-dente for my taste, but I’d pick this over mushy and overcooked risotto any day. The rest of my dinner party ordered Short Rib “Loose Ravioli”, Guacamole Bacon Kobe Burger and Pepper Steak Cavatappi Pasta.  We all got bites of each others’ food (which is not tacky at an upscale restaurant with the right group of friends) and everything tasted wonderful.

Since it was a birthday celebration after all, we had to make room for some dessert.  We chose to share some Sienna Doughnut Holes, which came with a trio of sauces: Jack Daniels creme anglaise, silky chocolate sauce, raspberry sauce.  The doughnut holes were served nice and warm.  And yes, they were HUGE.  I imagined that they must have come from several ginormous doughnuts. (And I just looked it up, ginormous IS a word).  My favorite sauce was the creme anglaise, followed by the raspberry sauce. This was definitely the perfect dessert to share and I even got to take some home since everyone was stuffed.

Overall we had a great meal and a great evening with our friends.  Sienna is fairly new and it certainly fits the bill for the type of restaurant we needed in this area.  I look forward to their menu changing (hopefully with more inventive dishes) and I sincerely hope they last longer than their predecessor, Masque.  The same restauranteurs are opening another restaurant in Folsom called Land Ocean and I look forward to dining there as well. I may or may not skip the booze to write a better review.. we’ll see ;)

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vzsgabe says:

Awesome review! Those doughnut holes look so good that if I still lived in Folsom, I’d drive over there today and get some for myself.